Photoshop Tutorials

33. Display Font names in English 34. Creating a Print bleed to your canvas 35. How to create a Perfect guides 36. How to Move the Mask without moving the layer
29. Display Dimensions for the Selection object 30. Fixing the Text Alignment position Quickly 31. Keyboard shortcut to add Vect Mask directly to the layer 32. Applying the Original Color to the Color Overlay Quickly
25. Adjusting the Scale Position 26. Snapping to the center of the object/canvas 27. Working with multiple windows of the same document 28. Creating Multiple masks for a Single layer
21. Reveal the location for the File in Photoshop 22. How to remove 'copy' next to the layer name 23. How to create a perfect PNG image for old Photoshop users 24. How to deselect a layer from Layers Palette
17. Color your Layers and Groups 18. How to keep the original image size while reducing the canvas size 19. How to copy and paste the Shape Attributes from one object to an another 20. Create new document with transparent background
13. How to Move the Layers or Groups with Keyboard 14. Moving the layer content from one document to another 15. Changing the foreground and the background color with Eyedropper Tool 16. How to close and open all the groups at once
09. How to Save Selected Layers from a Document 10. Why my brush outline is jagged 11. How to create multiple borders with layer style 12. How to Select the Layers or Groups with Keyboard
05. How to hide the path when adding layer style 06. How to Change the Canvas Color 07. How to Turn Off the Transformation Values 08. How to Link/Unlink Slices
01. How to combine shapes 02. How to create rounded corners with circles 03. How to hide selected menus 04. How to color your menus

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