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15 November, 2012

Designing the website in photoshop was not a big task, i had what i want and everything was sketched out on the paper and the design took less time. The only thing took more time was the navigations.

I wanted to have a clear picture for the navigation part before i start the coding. Because the plain text was hard to visualize and there were too many links to focus, so i wanted some thing more visually appealing. After so many attempt on paper and other softwares i finally landed on VUE (Visual Understanding Environment).

Unlike other mind-mapping softwares, VUE give you more clear and neat structure and everything is easily understandable. 

All the base Design was done in Photoshop. Coded in Notepad ++ ( link ) and the Navigation Flowchart done in VUE ( link ).

Navigation for the Top menu bars

Navigation for the Task webpage

Navigation for the Support Page

Navigation for the External Links

Complete flowchart for top and bottom menus, Task and Markerboard Webpage Navigations, Support page and External and Internal links

'Vue - Visual Understanding Environment'.

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