'Task' - Initial Screenshot Designs

08 November, 2012

Early 2012 i came up with this idea for an app to keep track of all your activities in one place, but i wasn't looking for an simple app, i need something more than. Something to track your activities through icons,  icons are universal and understand by everyone around the world. And that how 'Task' was born.

The Screens below are the initial designs that went while making this app, and this was also the screens for 'Pitching'. After went back and forth we made some changes to the final design which works better. You can see the final output here http://www.sanjeevbeekeeper.com/apps/task 

The earlier home icon was dark, bold and embossed. But the app was more lighter and flat, for that reason we changed the icon in the later stage to fit the app theme.

One of the main screen on the Task is the 'Daily View', which displays your daily actives as a big bold icons. We wanted to give more room for the icons and lesser room for the text (at the bottom). Because text is optional for any task, you can add text or you can leave the area empty.

'Calendar' is where you can see the number of tasks in a different dates. What happen if your task was not completed on the same day?   You can move the task from one date to another, instead of creating the same task on a different date. Just drag the icon from the bottom and drop it in another date. All the details on the task will remain with the icon.

The list view for the icons (at the bottom right) was added later, it gives you option to see your task title, but you cannot use the drag and drop feature if you are on the list view.

'Create New' (or 'New Task') did not have much change, we don't want to clutter the screen so we pushed everything to the center and gave space on both sides.  Just tap on the search bar will bring the keyboard and you can search the task you need and tap on the icon will add to the current date.

Pretty straight forward and don't want to add anymore features. The hidden message will appear only if you make the 'Create New' as your first launching screen ;).

We stripped down all the designs that went for the settings screen in the final version. It was a bad idea to re-design the screen.

The one and only screen to see all the icons in Task. The search-box option was added later that's why its sticking on top of the design here.

Although we haven't designed the category view in the earlier stage but the idea was there as an option. In the final design you can go to settings and turn on the category view.

Official Webpage

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