PS 03 - Photoshop - How to Hide Selected Menus

12 December, 2012

Sometimes certain menus in photoshop which we don't use very often. And there is a visibility option for all the menus which you can turn Off or On just like layers.

Default all the menus will be visible and by turning them off it doesn't delete them from the list, its just make them hidden.

For sake of this tutorial i'll use the list from the file menu which i don't use very often.

These set of list (Share my Screen, Create New Review, and Device Central) i won't use very often, in-fact i don't use it at all. Lets hide these.

Go to Edit menu and click on 'menu' at the bottom to open the menu option window. 
You can also use the shortcut key 'Ctrl + Alt + Shift + M'.

Buy this Keyboard and make your own tutorial ( Link )

Which opens the Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus Window, where you can control all your menus.

The option which we need to hide is on the file menu, So lets Open the file menu (click the arrow on the left to expand)

Scroll down till you see the list, Share my Screen, Create New Review, and Device Central.

Next to the name you'll see the visibility option, turn them off by clicking on the eye.
Press 'OK' to close this window.

Now open the File menu and you don't see those list.

If you need to see those hidden menus, you don't need to go to the keyboard shortcut menus again, you can click the 'Show All Menu Items' at the end of the menu list to display all the hidden menus from the selected menu.

This ('Show all menu items') will display only if you have any hidden menus.

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