PS 22 - How to remove 'copy' next to the layer name

20 April, 2014

The 'copy' next to the layer name is helpful when identifying the duplicated layer. But you can also turn off this option, so when you duplicate it will display the same exact layer name multiple times.

How to remove copy next to the layer name.jpg

If you want to remove the copy next to the layer name, you can directly to >> Step no. 18.

01. I'll explain how the duplicate layer works and what are the different ways to duplicate the layers or groups. I'll be using these 5 layers. The layers are colored to differentiate from one another

Image 01.jpg
(fig 1.0)

02. Select the layer and press 'Ctrl J' to duplicate. The duplicated layer will be on top of the currently selected layer. The duplicated layer will have a sequence no. running from bottom to top with 'copy' next to the layer name with sequence no.

This will help us to see which layer is original and which is duplicated. Notice, my original layer is colored but all the duplicates are not

03. I'll select 'Layer 2' and press 'Ctrl J' to duplicate again. Always the duplicate starts right above the current selected layer and also notice the continuation of the Sequence no. after the copy.

Image 03.jpg
(fig 2.1)

04. Let's see what happen if we delete the duplicates and create again.

Here i have duplicated 'Layer 2' for 9 times. I'll select the top 4 layers (5 to 8) and delete them.

If i duplicate 'Layer 2 copy 4', it will continue the missing sequence no. Once the duplicates are deleted, creating more duplicates will fill all the missing sequence numbers

Image 04.jpg
(fig 3.0)

05. What happen if we delete the first set of sequence numbers.

Here i have duplicated from 'Layer 2' and it will fill the missing numbers between Layer 2 copy and Layer 2 copy 5. If you keep on duplicating, after Layer 2 copy 5 it will be Layer 2 copy 9

It depends on which layer you select. See the next image.

Image 05.jpg
(fig 4.0)

06. Here's a better understanding of how the duplicate works. The duplicates are in color and the selected layers are highlighted in grey.

Image 06.jpg
(fig 5.0)

07. You can also select multiple layers and duplicate.

Image 07.jpg
(fig 6.0)

08. What happen if you delete the number?

when you remove a number, the sequence breaks, and if you duplicate, it will start a new sequence by adding one more copy. Well that is actually depending on the layer name. See the next image.

Image 08.jpg
(fig 7.0)

09. By default the duplicate sequence works by adding a space after the layer name.

By mistake if you keep the space (visually you cannot see) at the end of the layer name, the duplicate thinks its a new layer and it will make a new sequence

Image 09.jpg
(fig 8.0)

10. You can also duplicate a group. Duplicating the group will not rename the layers inside.

Image 10.jpg
(fig 9.0)

11. The same goes for duplicating the Group with layer and group inside. It duplicates only the selected group/layer and nothing will change inside.

Image 11.jpg
(fig 10.0)

12. Duplicating the group which is inside the parent group will only duplicate the selected group and nothing will affects.

Image 12.jpg
(fig 11.0)

13. There are four different ways you can duplicate the layer. Apart from Ctrl J, the other three options will bring the Duplicate Window.

Image 13.jpg
(fig 12.0)

14. You can also duplicate locked layer or group. If a locked layer is duplicated it will not have a lock symbol. But if you have a locked layer inside group and if the group is not locked, then duplicating the group will have a lock symbol for the layer.

But if you lock the group and not the layers inside, duplicating the group will lock only the group and not the layer.

Image 14.jpg
(fig 13.0)

15. You can also duplicate multiple locked layers

Image 15.jpg
(fig 14.0)

16. What happen if you duplicate multiple layers with only one locked. It will duplicate as it is

Image 16.jpg
(fig 15.0)

17. You can also duplicate hidden layers.

Image 17.jpg
(fig 16.0)

18. To remove the copy next to the layer name, go to Layers palette menu > Panel Options and uncheck Add "copy" to Copied Layers and Groups

Image 18.jpg
(fig 17.0)

19. This will not display the copy next to the layer name, it might confuse you to differentiate the original and the duplicate.

Image 19.jpg
(fig 18.0)

psd tutorial index.jpg

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