We love to hear from you! (Graphicriver: BeekeeperDesign)

12 December, 2014

We love to hear from you!

Comments and feedbacks are greatly appreciated. To make it easier we have New Purchase Feedback and General Comments forms for the BeekeeperDesign graphicriver page. These forms are added to the main profile page and also added to all the individual sale items (you should see it at the bottom of the page, after description)

If you have purchased the item you can use the 'Purchase feedback page' or if you have any suggestions you can use the 'Comments and Suggestions.' This will help us to grow and make better items in the future. If it is required we will update the existing items. So if you have already purchased it, don't worry you can still re-download the updated version.

Purchase feedback page.jpg

General comments and suggestions.jpg

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