Moving to a New City

24 February, 2015

If you are wondering why there are no updates in the blog. Well here's the story.

I've been in this place (Ernakulam, Kerala) for almost five years and finally moving to my Hometown, Chennai. I could not able to find time to work on the blog and other marketplaces. There is lot of things to be packed; to put it more precisely, there are lot of things needs to be organized. I've been carrying these and moving from city to city for more than 10 years. I guess its time to put a Full Stop

I've been doing this 'Organizing thing' for some couple of months. It sure saved a lot of time and headache, i wanted to do the same for the stuffs i've been carrying for years - Keep the ones that are really needed and throw away the junks.

The cleaning process started on Feb 1st, everyday one or two boxes, open them, clear things out, pack it and put in the same place. Every box has a number, so it's easy to search the database and not opening each boxes for a single notebook.

Packing boxes.jpg

Some of the things i am still preserving are these Animation drawings. These works are random hand drawn frame by frame animations i did back in '98.

Before i archive these, i'll scan all the drawings (frame by frame) and upload it to my site. Soon.

Animation papers.jpg

All the drawings are recorded in these VHS tape through Pencil Tester (Line Test) and it was hooked up to a VHS player and a small television where you can play all the frames in a normal speed. I do not have the original setup picture that was from our Academy, but here's a similar one Pencil Tester .

I converted these to CDs and one of them needs to be converted. I am not sure whether it is still working or not, but will give it a try anyway, it has some experiment animations.

Some (not all) are uploaded to my Vimeo's page >> 2d Line test '98 to '00. I'll upload the rest soon.

VHS tapes.jpg

Gathered all the books and kept it in one place. Most of these are added under the Book Scan in the Flickr's page. If you haven't, check it out >> Book Scan . I notice some of the books are not added to the Collections, will do that in the new city.


I am looking forward to this shift.


narasimma rajan said...

Hi Sanjeev,
Happy to know that you are heading back to Chennai. Looking forward to meet you someday. -Naras.

Jahirul Islam said...

I am very glad to see that you have huge collection of VHS tapes. But before faded away the VHS tapes and destroy you should convert all of them on to DVD or CD. VHS to DVD transfer

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