Fortkochi in HDR

05 December, 2012

Recently went to fort cochin Island, saw these in the fisherman's basket. Last time twice i went to this island but never tried anything on HDR. This time most of the pictures i took in high dynamic, just want to see how they look.

These pictures are shot handheld and no tripod were used. Since iam taking in different exposure i had to steady my hand. Surprisingly i didn't shake.

For HDR, tripod is always recommended.

The two version comparison below.
Jpeg was actually a RAW file (but nothing was tweaked). I just exported with the settings 'as shot'.
HDR was actually with 3 stop.

Even though Jpeg was shot with RAW, it can capture only what the camera sees based on your settings, and you can only adjust the exposure value later.

But capturing the same image with different stops will give you more flexibility in the post-process. Combining all three will give you wide-range of depth and clarity in the image, which a naked eye cannot see.

The picture below is 100%

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